Wicked Wednesday Br Br Face - Horror Hill's Clown Cartel

Horror Hill's Clown Cartel
Horror Hill's Clown Cartel 5,174 Views
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Posted 3 months ago in OTHER

Taylor Morgan 3 months ago 0

I have had problems every week for the last few weeks trying to watch your live feed. It freezes all the time or the comments don't show up

Sally Lynch 3 months ago 0

Any new information on the donor info !! Haven't heard back yet about donating yet but my packet is on its way !! :)

Alex Reigns 3 months ago 1

Skreech I'm thinking about making a song for the C.C. What should I do electric or acoustic

Robert Ogden 3 months ago 1

@skreech me an u are like family since day one always got ur back brother 🎩

Joseph Shumaker 3 months ago 2


Theresa Kurtz 3 months ago 1


Crystal Goin 3 months ago 15

Friday Night!!!!! Smokin Mirrors June 23rd 7 pm to 11 pm at Conover Alive!!!

Rellik The Clown 3 months ago 21

Thats a big hammer

Rellik The Clown 3 months ago 11

Hi πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š all

Robert Ogden 3 months ago 0

He gonna chase u taken pictures @crystal id get a big mallet an have him smashing pumpkins around Halloween take some pictures but id put fake blood in them

Rellik The Clown 3 months ago 10

Raised over $1000 for the kidz

Rellik The Clown 3 months ago 9


Robert Ogden 3 months ago 0

Ik negative he tells me everything stitches is doing his own thing me an skreech are close but is their any more awsome pictures coming crystal love ur work

Splatters Dclown 3 months ago 0

You clown haters just dont watch his video you do t have to be here and report him ....some od yall need to meet big blue ugh

Daniel Garlin 3 months ago 0

Well I missed the live but I shared after the fact. I'll admit, I have yet to actually listen to your music, but I love watching my boy Screech on Wicked Wednesday's!

Lisa Marie 3 months ago 0

Just announce you don't own the rights to the music and type it as a heading for the video feed if you can. Others did it and fb didn't bother them as much

Crystal Goin 3 months ago 10

It gives me the SHIVERZ

Crystal Goin 3 months ago 3

I promise you if you did it will be the last time you are on this page

Amber Goodbread 3 months ago 0

Saucey he always dress like that it's Skreech and I love him dressing him like that

Malinda Settlemyre Day 3 months ago 1

Crystal thanks for hooking me up to Skreech he is such a mood booster

DeeDee Vasquez 3 months ago 1

Disrespecting with the name calling and someone asking if he was white...Lord hop off his feed...

Janice Roman 3 months ago 0

If your doing your live from a phone maybe u should put airplane mode before u do live

Janice Roman 3 months ago 0

Disrespecting what I like is disrespecting me and I will have to borrow rose and big blue from u

Lauren Michelle Brittain 3 months ago 0

Hey Skreech!!!! ❀️❀️ πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ my phone isn't letting me watch you πŸ˜‘

Shaunn Grissett 3 months ago 0

What's cracking brother from sunset beach wish I would have known you was coming I stay 4 minutes from the beach


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