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Their aesthetics, their food, their motto! Horchateria Rio Luna has it all.

Posted 11 months ago in NEWS

11 months ago 109

Don't waste your precious time going there. There's always a long line because there's only one person in the register. Also the churros weren't even good. The sweet bread tastes like the bread from food 4 less 👎🏽. The coffee from the donut shop is better.

11 months ago 3

I wish she would have included all races that represent LA instead of Latin Americans because I honestly would feel like home there with all the Frida pics and I'm Korean-SoCalifornianAmerican.

11 months ago 2

I went with my son and daughter in law to be. We loved it. Line went by fast because music was awesome. Churros were perfect. Art displayed was worth the wait

11 months ago 50

This place is good but Tierra Mia horchata frap is even better!!!

11 months ago 76

Not worth it. Long wait to end up with cold coffee and stale bread.

11 months ago 6

Horchaterias: The Latino equivalent of a trendy hipster coffee shop. Just get your mom to make you some horchata and buy some churros from a street vendor.

11 months ago 0

Abby Hernandez don't tell me this is where you're going... LOL

11 months ago 32

I went, but honestly it's too hyped up. I prefer the horchata frappé from Porto's. And the churros were alright. They weren't anything extraordinary. I do, however, like the stuff they sell. (Pins, stickers, etc)

11 months ago 10

The idea was really good (and I'd give them good marks for the ambiance). But the execution, not so great. Poorly-trained and under-motivated staff. The quality of the pastries has been spotty and uneven. I'm hoping it'll improve as they grow into their popularity and can afford better stock and more staff.

11 months ago 19

Nope, will not go back. Im glad they are doing great but Mr churro is better than theirs. Sorry, their churro taste like grease.

11 months ago 0

Cuando vienes pa que invites? Jaja sabes que hace tiempo andabamos por ahi y le dije a la Estela vamos a probar. Y entramos pero habia mucha gente. Y nos salimos. Ahora entiendo porque!! Ahi que ir a probar

11 months ago 4

Hey you San Diego guys, what's your fave place like this in SD? I'm there a couple times a year and need legit horchatas, conchas and helado in my life when I'm there.

11 months ago 1

Nelly S Campos un business de new dessert y frappes basado en nuestra food... Inaginate un frapoe de hirchata o cebada... O de Tamarindo! XD Yo creo q nos daría

11 months ago 8

This place needs a few things...1. Another damn register 2. A big selection of good pan dulce (the potential is ridiculous for food sales) 3. Better churro recipe the dough needs to be thinner and crispy and icecream on the side not on top!

11 months ago 4

This place is overrated. I went there after seeing it on IG, cool concept, some of the cashiers have stank attitude and the food was ok, not worth the long line for sure. Will not be going back at all.

11 months ago 15

Churros with mountainous amounts of sugar. Had to scrape off the layers of sugar and grease to try to enjoy the poorly made churro. You are better off buying a churro from Costco, you can't go wrong there 👍🏽😋. Lmao MarMari CuevasabGabriella CuevasacJacob Barrientes

11 months ago 0

and if course it has the obvious latino art. Reminds me of the people versus oj when they putting all the black art in his house to make him seem more black.

11 months ago 0

Please don't waste your time coming here. The horchata is way too fucking sweet. If you're looking for an horchata frap, Tierra Mia is the way to go!

11 months ago 0

I have tried a cema ice cream sandwich, in a small town located somewhere in the northwestern part of the Mexican state of Guerrero. Delicious !!! 🤤

11 months ago 1

Sara WHAAAAA?!!? On the way out of the airport before we get to your house we MUST go here! I don't know when but soon I hope. Hahaha

11 months ago 1

Steven Briseno I know you're studying but babe ... promise me that me and you can go there and try the churro sundae??? 😍😭❤️

11 months ago 2

Sarah Cornejo Gaby Arriaza business ideas!! American Latino restaurant with paint nights :) and other side arts and crafts

11 months ago 2

Carina Armenta I don't know if I tagged you before, but it just felt right! Hahahaha the lotería cookies are so cute!

11 months ago 1

Marco Torres look babe!! Maybe we can stop here along with Chacha chili or whatever that taco place was called lol

11 months ago 0

Jessica M Gomez check this out... and look Vanessa Harrell OMG!!!! You better go there for me!! When you get to Cali for work!

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