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یہ واقعہ کل جمعہ کی نماز کے بعد رحمانیہ مسجد کراچی کے باھر پیش آیا ھے
اس لڑکے کو چند لوگوں نے پکڑا اور کہا کہ یہ ڈکیت ھے اوراس کو وھاں سے اٹھایا اور اک پرائیوٹ گاڑی میں ڈال کے لے گئے اور مجھے مووی بنانے سے بھیُ منع۔کیا

By : Ansar Ullah Khan

Posted 3 months ago in NEWS

Ayaz Ahmed 3 months ago 2

yeh jo b baat hai hum filal kisi ko b galat ya sahi nahi khe sakty hain. hame kuch nahi pata k kya masail hai. haan pr is masly ka jahiz faisla ligal midia k thoro awam k samne mazare aam pr hona chaye. lihaza meri pakistani bhayo aur bheno se guzarish hai k is video ko zada se zada sher kary. aur bajaye khayali coment's karny k bajaye. is baat par aapeel kary k is masly ka yakini aur jahiz faisla legal media thoro awam k samne mazare aam pr aaye.

Hassaan Ikhwani 3 months ago 6

Shayad movie saa ziada iss fard ki madad krna kaam tha

Marie Khan 3 months ago 8

Making this video and posting it was more important than helping this guy where are we going ? Why have we become so inhuman? Where has all the humanity vanished 😞 May ALLAH (SWT) help this guy if is not guilty and even if he is one MAY ALLAH (SWT) bless him & forgive him Amin. #Peace#Humanity

Jalalzai Kakar 3 months ago 4

Ye jo sab log hain kya ye hejre hain thamasha dekne ahae hain

Mjann Khan 3 months ago 4

اس لڑکے کے ساتھ چند لوگوں کو اکھٹا ہو کرتھانے جانا چاہیۓ تھا آج جب اس لڑکے کی مدد کسی نے نہیں کی تو کل آپ کے بھائ بیٹے کی بھی مدد کوئ نہیں کرے گا

Zubair Khan 3 months ago 0

bs logo ko comment karna hw bhaii ye banda chor bi to ho sakta hw ya is ka taluq kesi terrorist se ho pir

Ajaz Zaidi 3 months ago 0

Yeh daku nai lagraha kitna confidence kai sath shor macha raha hai

Sahar Aaqib Korejo 3 months ago 0

Koi kisi k maslay m nahi parta...atleast he has made the video.ap log dikayt sun k mun pher detay

Virgo Khi 3 months ago 0

This post vdo must share with responsible Governor / minister and they should reply on media about incident.

Amber Pathan 3 months ago 0

Dakit tha to dkhate kia dakate k usne ase hi ksi p ilazm lga rhe h begirat h sare awam jo srf tamasha dkhte h

Rana Adnan Nisar 3 months ago 0

Ye police wale hein private log nhi hein jnab.

Raja Ali Msf 3 months ago 3

Lanat hai aisi awaam lay jo sir kharay tamsha dekh rahy thy

Farhan Ahmed 3 months ago 2

Ye awam b in police walo ki trhn begarat hai

Esha Mumtaz 3 months ago 1

Lag to yehi raha hai

Pakeeza Khan 3 months ago 3

Allha khair karay ab pata nae us baychara kay sath kya karay gay

Farhan Ahmed 3 months ago 1

Ye police gashti bekasoor ko pkrti hai r criminals ko chor dti hai

Shaista Mujahid 3 months ago 1

Ali Haider 3 months ago 0

Jxt Honey 3 months ago 0

These are not soldiers but animals

Kamnie Azeem 3 months ago 0

Saad Sohail 3 months ago 0

Koe nhe ilzaam lga hai police station jae ga IA hopefully chor dain gy

Hadia Malik 3 months ago 0

O my God ye Kia ha sb mje smj ni I

Sonia Umar 3 months ago 0

Koi rok q ni raha

Saim ChoUdhry 3 months ago 0

probably FIA or IB

Alishbah Anjum 3 months ago 0

poch tu sakta tha sab k kia hua ha is na


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