- Ethiopian DJ የኢትዮጵያ ሙዚቃ

Ethiopian DJ የኢትዮጵያ ሙዚቃ
Ethiopian DJ የኢትዮጵያ ሙዚቃ 5,174 Views
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አንጋፋው ኤፍሬም ታምሩ በቴል አቪቭ እስራኤል ::

Posted 2 months ago in OTHER

Ethiopian DJ የኢትዮጵያ ሙዚቃ 2 months ago 8

ክብር ለታለቁ አክሊሉ ስዬም የዚህ ውብ ዜሜ ደራሲ

Tsega Girma 2 months ago 2

Wyneeee i loove this songggg.

Thomas Hailu 2 months ago 0

I am really enjoying this

Dalmar Farah 2 months ago 1

Guys where's the adiss ababa

Merab Lulu 2 months ago 2

True geza yasalefenebat ya feker zemen neber Afriam tameru enewedhalen

Mame Ye Hami Lij 2 months ago 1

Yegermagnal yegna sew enezi aynet zefagn eyale tedy.tedy teru new gen ke efrem menem aydeereaem.tedy bale 4 album.efrem 140 yemengizem musica tewedaj.please kibir mensetew enwek

Merab Lulu 2 months ago 0

Wowoooooooooooo Efriam tameru we love you

Gegna Tsegay 2 months ago 1

Wibit Ethiopia. Ethiopia is more than one ethic .

Gegna Tsegay 2 months ago 0

Wibit Ethiopia. Yes when Ethiopia were only Amhara.

Mesfin Tessema 2 months ago 1

Singe about ETHIOPIA not about women

Mesfin Tessema 2 months ago 0

Where is ethiopian flag with ephrem

Mesfin Tessema 2 months ago 0

Hay it’s not a time to say :- yefekr ingeda !!! It’s time to say ETHIOPIA one ETHIOPIA

Konjit Negewo 2 months ago 1

Great to see you Efi like this. We need your concert in DMV area.

Get Tu Mann 2 months ago 0

We are lucky we are able to see him live. Be eje yeyazut work ende medab yikoteral new mibilew.

Mame Ye Hami Lij 2 months ago 0

Bt the way ethiopia yesera sayhon yawera new mikeberew.le efrem lusetew migeba kibir alagegnem

Etate Haile 2 months ago 0

He needs real camera man. The voice is not clear & so does video picture.

ታጋይ የፍቅር ሰው 2 months ago 4

ኧረ እሷ ምግብ ላይ አንደኛ ናት እንደጉድ ነው የምትደፍቀው

Tsega Gidey 2 months ago 9

ማን እንደ ኤፍሬም

Tadesse Kifle 2 months ago 4

ድምፁ እንዳለ ነው እኮ

ማነኝ አልለው እራሴን 2 months ago 3

ሰላም ልበልው፡ አይንሽን

ማነኝ አልለው እራሴን 2 months ago 3

ትዝታየ ተቀሰቀስ

Mesfin Dejene 2 months ago 0

It is not clear please camera 🎥 do something

Guenet Zelellew 2 months ago 3

Chewa siriatih alebabasih ewinetegna Ethiopiawi!!!💚💛❤️

ታጋይ የፍቅር ሰው 2 months ago 1

አሳብዶናል ይሄ ሙዚቃ

ታጋይ የፍቅር ሰው 2 months ago 3

ኤፍሬም ታምሩ የዘፋኝ ኩሩ


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