"Little Queenie" 1983. - Classic JLL - Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis
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The Killer & Keith Richards sings "Little Queenie" 1983. - Klassic Killer

Posted 1 year ago in MUSIC

Randy Davis 1 year ago 52

As Lawrence Welk would say, "that's a real toe tapper". If you can sit still while they are playing this song, you pretty much have to be dead.

Dan T Keel III 1 year ago 26

That's REAL rock and roll folks--absolutely fantastic from two guys who know it as well or better than anyone else. Brilliant.

David Fung 1 year ago 14

"I'd like to introduce the band - Jerry Lee Lewis on keys, Keith Richards on guitar, Mick Fleetwood on drums, and, uh... some guy on bass"

Joe Afseth 1 year ago 14

JERRY LEE was and forever WILL BE I C O N I C in music history and I still love to listen to him ... Keith Richards rocks too .. so very much ... Love this !!!!

Nicholas Mahan 1 year ago 11

To all the Jesus freaks who say rock 'n' roll is the devils music and if you listen to it you're going to hell. Well to quote the Great Jerry Lee. "if I'm going to hell I'm going there playing the piano" and I'm going there listening to it until the day I die.

Jimmy Moak 1 year ago 9

There's only one Jerry Lee. A friend of mine went by Jerry Lee's house in Mississippi, knocked on the door and asked if he was in. the lady who answered the door said he (Jerry Lee) did not see fans, but for $15.00 or so, he could get a quick tour of the house. A quick tour and $15.00 or so later, there was Jerry Lee in his kitchen making himself a ham sandwich. I dont remember if Jerry Lee acknowledged my friend or not, but I doubt it. A true story.

Frank Damico 1 year ago 2

GEEE-TAR!! I know some folks that wonder why it is that the name Keith Richards always shows up on the list of best rock guitarist. If ya gotta ask, ya really don't get rock n roll.....

Chuck Prophet 1 year ago 6

I saw that as it was happening live I saw this as it was happening. Live on television. I believe Keith says something about "that's why I'm wearing a suit". In honor of the killer.

Barbara Palmer 1 year ago 1

Love them both God Keith Richards can play and has it all he is a Little wild and man I love him he has got it all I really go for him . My wild man

Darren McDaniel 1 year ago 1

Yeah Jerry Lee looks real enthused I have some guy that acts like a crackhead scream and guitar and has ear I actually felt sorry for Jerry Lee cuz you know that wasn't his idea

Mike Skill 1 year ago 1

I love this... Ho boy! Jerry Lee, He see's Keith Kickin' ass and jumps on in Rockin' it with him.. And I can just see Em both knockin' back shots backstage! Two Killers!

Bill Mcbee 1 year ago 1

I agree with mr. merrimen. he does johnny b. goode just as well. I also think keith complements jerrys style of music as much as anybody.

Jay English 1 year ago 2

Saw this on TV in Boston on 12-18-83, Keith's 40th birthday and the exact day he married Patti Hanson.

Lisa Cook 1 year ago 0

Oh yeah.. Went to a performance or two where he would jump up and really pound the piano....(heh heh heh..sometimes with his crotch)

Steven C. Wroe 1 year ago 2

Reminds me once again, how good these guys were in their time (including Chuck Berry, early and prolific songwriter and performer)

Sandra K. Simmons 1 year ago 0

I was just reminded reading the comment's , that he's doing Chuck Berry's song here. True. But never the less, he did the hell out of it! This kind of talent will never be replaced.

Ron R Glaeseman 1 year ago 1

The Killer covers Chuck one more time. Yeah, don't break it! Hey, that's Keith Richards! Steven C. Wroe Curtis Hieggelke Donald R. Elmore Danny Dillon

Kevin McAleer 1 year ago 1

Check out their Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On from the same show; I think it's even more intense than this.

Colin Crane 1 year ago 0

Blimey I also have that self same guitar strap (had it over 30 years too)...also play his style too !!

Sammy Jo Johnson 1 year ago 0

Please Dedicate 39 and holding to Richie Lindsey!! It's his 39th bday today!! Can't wait to see the killer

Tommy Colang 1 year ago 0

My hopes and prayers are one day soon you will give your heart to the Lord and will play with your cousin in the House of Our Lord. Nobody is promised tomorrow.

Dee Cleary Hunt 1 year ago 0

That reminds me of you playing the piano in the early morning to wake us all up when we're on vacation

Donald Brandt 1 year ago 0

Brilliant! I saw JLL at the Palamino a century ago. James Burton sat in on guitar that night. That was a slice of RnR heaven:-)

Jon Jackson 1 year ago 0

Saw Jerry in person . He put on a great show. You couldn't sit still while he performed Great entertainer.

John Merriman 1 year ago 6

Thanks Jerry Lee,Great song.My Dad was a big fan of Jerry Lee Lewis.I Liked the Lewis Boogie....and the Lewis way,come on and do my little boogie woogie everyday..


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