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Posted 6 days ago in OTHER

Blanca Segura 6 days ago 83

Yes!!!! But I count my Blessings when I feel all the pains of getting old. Thank you Lord for letting me Live one more day.

Elena N Salvador Jimenez 6 days ago 15

Yes there alot i can't do no more

Patti Babler 6 days ago 9

Yes that how I felt on Friday after my birthday

Nadine Solis 6 days ago 21

Yes! Just laughing because this is so true.

Dorothy Edson 6 days ago 92

Yes I'm 87 in an old ladies body but I don't feel any older then 40. God has blessed me with good health.and thankful every day. I just can't run up and down stairs but give me a railing and I've got it made.

Stephen Russell 6 days ago 5

Oh yes

Theresa Kirkman 6 days ago 5


Barbara Tanguay 6 days ago 44

Growing old may be 'hard work' at times (for me) but i do it, get it done and over with, then 'sit back' and elax' which compensates for the energy used--am in my 'late years' but that is not stopping me-- as long as i am as healthy enough and strong enough, will continue to do my own house-cleaning, shopping and anything else that arises while still able and willing to do so---may God give me the strength to do it.

Mary Trueman 6 days ago 30

I am 70 some days feel like 90 but you just have to keeping going and ignore your pain and be thankful you are still here !! the

Pat Wagnon 6 days ago 29

Just don' t dwell on your aches and pains. Get up keep busy. Thank the lord for each new day. Enjoy your family and friends

Elizabeth Baker Graham 6 days ago 20

Yes! That's the part I hate. I want to do so much & my body lets me down everytime I try to make plans to get out & be brave, Something gets in the way physically or emotionally.

Julie Muffat 6 days ago 18

It is my b'day and I was just thinking wow, getting older is not a piece of cake and not for wooses. It is also true that good health is a huge deal as you age.

Gina Harrington 6 days ago 9

Oh yes my body feel old due to illness but my mind is still young. My daughter when will I starting thinking like a grandma I said never lol

Darlene Maples 6 days ago 8

The body thinking it would like to be blessed with each and every day it could have. Life is not easy, every day is a blessing.

Christine Jepson 6 days ago 6

A thousand times yes. But the hardest part is making others to understand. The if you just get up and move around , does not always help 89 percent of the time. Quite often it's because you are doing things your body can't do so much anymore.

Frances Alexis Jones 6 days ago 7

Yes it's hard work and you are always reminded when you ache with pain. But I'm so grateful to God for a new day and always thank him. I praise God for my life with my familyvand freinds.

Nigel Fernandez 6 days ago 6

Yes it happens sooner than one thinks it will,not great when you haven’t done all those things in life you put off till tomorrow.

Roger Harmour 6 days ago 4

Yep, I am 53, head thinks it is 16 and wants the body to be as fit as it was at 19. However, all the broken bones and steel pins sometimes slow me down a bit. But I still like to walk 7 to 10 kms each day.

Lynne Eiser-Kelly 6 days ago 3

I do a head stand every so often just to see if I still can.... well today I fell over into a forward roll. But it felt like Someone slammed me down🤣😂🤣. I still can though. 😜.

Vicki Duke 6 days ago 3

I no that feeling. I think I’m 35 mind wise but my body says Lady stop day dreaming you are old so get over it.

Margaret Keitt 6 days ago 1

Yes! I am blessed when I can get out of bed. I thank God for every blessing! Some days my body can't function the way I want but that's life. I laugh at myself all the time.

Jean Sims 6 days ago 1

Yes!!!! And I'm very blessed, getting old is no joke, but I'm thankful that God wake me up every morning , yes I'm blessed I'm blessed , thank you Father for your love , I Just Want To Praise Your holy name thank you Jesus Hallelujah!!!

Virginia Tichenor 6 days ago 1

We don't know what old is because with God there is no time, or special days, as we are to be Christlike and not in the bondage to the things we did or knew before we came to know HIM. We are set free from all that and each day become renewed all over again if we stir up that spirit that dwells in us. Hope for what we need to occomplish and do our best to do it. The only day God set aside is the SABBATH, work six and rest on the 7th. This can be any day you choose but for me it is Sunday since it is the day the world chose to set aside, but then changed it to none and work all days if they choose.

Margaret Faulkner 6 days ago 1

My 92 y.o. mom is my inspiration. She has had health issues over the years but has always dealt with life gracefully and graciously. Now that I am finally growing up at 62 watching her gives me faith.

Dawn Rooney 6 days ago 1

I totally agree. If I'm on the floor and need to get up..I think I can just bounce back up, but it takes forever to get up now. Hips and knees are not the same as when I was younger thats a fact.

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