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Barack Obama delivers his last speech as US President in Chicago. Listen to the full farewell address at

Posted 9 months ago in NEWS

Jyoti Bijlani 9 months ago 0

Very nice leader with nice feelings for every human being and wish that he could rule still longer and wish he lives long and happy life.

Prashant Deval 9 months ago 2

Greatest speech.obama went where won the the people's hearts ot there. He is a unique man none ll be compared him in leadership

Al Gagnon 9 months ago 0

Barry Soetoro should be put on trial for identity theft and falsification , and hanged by the neck until dead upon a guilty verdict This TAQIYYA spewing dog deserves NOTHING LESS good riddance to bad rubbish

Colin Heritage 9 months ago 0

There is a wireless telephone bug .This has been caught by my bug detector. Active on the frequency 400 kilo Hertz. Other people also have verified this. This needs stopped immediately check out my timeline. This signal is all across the U.S.A.

Margret Pabin 9 months ago 3

U r my real ideal of my life sir. ..i never ever saw a leader like u. ..though I'm frm another country but u will b alws my ideal. ..though many president will chnge but u wil b alws my ideal of my life...I'm proud of u sir. ..

Bobby Dhal 9 months ago 0

One of the BEST PRESIDENT AS WELL AS A GREAT LEADER EVER in world. We will miss you.

Lucky Pawar 9 months ago 0

True Leader a man with lots of respect and fellings. The best President ever. #USA

Karan Maibam 9 months ago 0

Ideal n dynamic leader which I admire most among the leaders. Superb speech.

Valente Cervantes 9 months ago 0

. EQUALITY WILL ADVANCE AND PREVAIL! . • EQUALITY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HUMAN RIGHT.!!! . GOD HAS CREATED US IN HIS OWN IMAGE. WE ARE ALL EQUAL ! . Whoever does not accept equality believes to be superior to others and therefore is a Nazi-fascist. This makes that to think that has the right to exploit others that considers inferior. That's the way Hitler thought . And that's why some hate socialism and communism and would rather die than being equal to everyone. . The accumulation of wealth, resulting from exploitation, is used to create the powers that allow to exploit more, and more people. Market power creates market pressure to limit wages, which creates more exploitation, closing the vicious cycle that creates the social classes of exploiters and exploited. . Wealth resulting from the exploitation, is illegitimate and will be returned to their rightful owners and their descendants. . Market power is an unjustified, unfair, unlawfull, bourgeois privilege, and market pressure keeps and strengthens that, market distorting, privilege. . Market pressure made by market power, created through exploitation, is an unlawfull market distortion. Therefore, the wealth resulting from exploitation is illegitimate and will be returned to its real owners and their descendants . . . Market pressure, done by a market power, that is made through exploitation, is an unlawfull and unfair competition between exploited people, that has no power and exploiters that have the power to keep their "slaves", that create the wealth that gives their own "masters" such al power. . We, the exploited of the world, the sons of the exploited, the brothers of the exploited and the friends of the exploited, do not recognize the private ownership of the means of production and the wealth resulting from the exploitation of man by man, accumulated since the invention of exploitation. . EXPLOITERS WILL BE TERMINATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH ! . IT'LL BE QUICKLY, WITHOUT WARNING, AND WITH NO PAIN. .

Rithu Patke 9 months ago 0

He's a class act!!!

Renu Seshadri 9 months ago 0

WOW!! Wht a lovely speech.

Khoshal Aryan 9 months ago 0

We will miss you

Latheef Kalladi 9 months ago 0

Great leader

Rutvi Amin 9 months ago 1

Aneri Naik Vimmy Bandaria Chaula Desai❤️

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