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This parkour robot overlord is like something out of 'Terminator.'

Posted 7 months ago in NEWS

Rob Saville 7 months ago 442

It's worst then terminator because it's real and all the data could be edited to work on other robotic systems. 36 now when i was 16 i could remember exports saying robots would never be able to walk as the balance was to complex for robots this thing doing it on wheels for god sake. what the hell is the next 20 years going to bring us exciting but also very scary at the same time.

Amy Badger 7 months ago 1009

Someone build this technology into Prof. Stephen Hawking's wheelchair, because after all he has done, the guy deserves some fun.

Zac Holmes 7 months ago 168

I know everyone's first thought is terminator, but what if, when it becomes sentient, it's just a sassy dancer? Wouldn't that fantastic?

Mike Wells 7 months ago 108

"Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center. We hope your brief detention in the relaxation vault has been a pleasant one Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test proper."

Amiri King 7 months ago 152

Yeah....but is it dtf?

Eugene Dovgiy 7 months ago 75

This is chassis of future military robots) please don't be naive, it's constructing for war) And it's not for dance, it's mission to be better than human for killing human.

Miran Djogovic 7 months ago 50

Honestly, my brain can't help but look at the robot doing all of this backwards. Play the video in reverse and you'll understand what I mean. Otherwise, great job Boston robotics!

Daniel Lopez 7 months ago 52

When humanity is fighting for survival against the machines we can thank robotic engineers for there oh so lovely creations 😉

Alan Drane 7 months ago 45

Wow, imagine that technology combined with wheel chair mechanics. People confined to wheel chairs could have access to a lot more places and have some recreation fun too.

Loay Al-wesi 7 months ago 22

I can't wait to see such machines being used to find missing people in the woods or in open areas at night ... with a night camera would become something very useful !!

Hazim Nordin 7 months ago 26

Everyone's all threatened by a possible robot overlord when all I see is a robot that can run for 45 minutes on a battery that needs an overnight charge to be full.

Christopher Bradley 7 months ago 15

Why is the first thing that comes to anyone's mind regarding technology about war (calling it a "warrior)? Is there NOTHING else this thing could be doing besides enforcing someone's control over people and resources? Nothing?

Bernard Calloway 7 months ago 10

I suggest we humans ' start building a healthy supply of ( Iron Man ) suits in case these Machines and A.I. start to Get any cute ideas ' #thewritingsonthawall!

Mark Hill 7 months ago 10

Now they can climb snowy mountains with rough terrain. It could be a handy tool. It could be a deadly weapon. It could be a spoiled child's toy. I'd like to try it. (I should probably restructure my paragraph to cast me in a better light. It looks as if I'm saying that I'm a "spoiled child," Lol).

Dustin Boyer 7 months ago 8

I love how all the boston dynamics videos end with the robots going outside like "hey, we're releasing this into the wild now. have fun little guy!"

Sriram Narayanan 7 months ago 4

It is irresponsible to use words such as "overlord", "terrifying", etc. Media have the power to sway opinion. Rather than discuss the applications of this robot, you are scaring readers unnecessarily.

Randy L. Dixon Rivera 7 months ago 5

Holy Cow! Now that's a vast improvement since the tethered humanoid robots just a few years back! Or even the 4 legged beasts of burden that have escaped their tethers to climb rocky hills. These new robots are a bit intimidating and not looking clumsy or slow at all? Wow! The game just got real! AND A BIT SCARY!

Lee Newton 7 months ago 4

The 4th industrial revolution has already started and millions of jobs and entire industries will become obsolete overnight. Most people have no idea how radical and abrupt this transformation is going to be. Autonomous cars will be the first big game changer, then one after another current technologies will instantly become obsolete.

Nick Moreno 7 months ago 2

We could program a robotic hand that uses sensory nuance to sew and save millions of children from labor camps. Oh, never mind we're making.. super deer?

Sarah Day 7 months ago 3

Why is it called a Parkour Robot? It should just be called Robot That Goes Back and Forth, Spins Around, and Can jump/ roll Over Things.

Mike Ely 7 months ago 3

Ther goes warehouse jobs...port jobs...all basic manual labour jobs....just add ai and program logic with reasoning tables...arm it and run...Arnolds here already...hes got a tank!!

Thiago Soares 7 months ago 2

tu percebe que o negócio ta ficando sério quando as novas versÔes "big dog beta" n caem nem raspam a canela mais KAKAKAKAKAKAKKAKAKA ferrou mlq, corre pras colinas Moisés Soares

Kamaldeep Chopra 7 months ago 4

What a beautiful piece of technology... Seeing a machine able to do such stunts brings overwhelming emotions of appreciation and gratitude for the work that would have gone to make bare piece of metal to come alive... The integration of robotics and AI and a knowledge sharing between scientific community can usher the future of intelligent machines helping mankind... Such machines can build us colonies on Moon and Mars...

Trady Johnston 7 months ago 0

Tech is quickly out pacing mens abilitys to adapt to the changes. Question : What will you do to earn a living when EVERYTHING is automated? Everything.... Never underestimate the greed of some men. The world had better decide quick on what to do with the billions of people who have no jobs.

Daniel Cogan 7 months ago 0

Why is it exciting. Much better to see humans do this on roller blades, natures machine. This robot era is a waste of time and can only lead to more and more job cuts in roles that actually matter. Why not plough the money that went into this, into cancer research or cures for dementia etc. The human race is manufacturing a lazy future and dependance on machines, we are our own worst enemy.

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